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Kathleen Almy, CEO of Almy Education, walks you through some of the main components of the ever-growing yourSTEM membership site. Since this was recorded, more courses and resources have been added.

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Taking stem online

Dr. Maria Andersen teaches you how to make your online course engaging & fun to teach

contemporary algebra collection & problem sets

Save time and teach with a modern algebra curriculum (notes & videos)

secret tech club

Dr. Maria Andersen shows you many tricks to make technology work for you & be less frustrating

Active Learning

Jessica Bernards & Wendy Fresh teach you how to use the Desmos Activity Builder, Kahoots, and Math Mazes

Kahoot! and desmos activities

Ready-to-use worksheets and activities built to save you time searching and creating activities

Flipping STEM

Jessica Bernards and Wendy Fresh teach you how to Flip your STEM class, to build an engaging class environment that flexes to any location.

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How the yourSTEM Membership Works

1. Join yourSTEM

We have a diverse collection of resources and professional development opportunities to support your growth along with a vibrant community full of support. All are growing regularly!

2. Utilize Your New Tools

As soon as you join, you will be able to tap into and apply these highly effective tools in classrooms and online. We’ll continue to be there to support you through our community and fresh, original training content.

3. Enjoy Teaching Again

Feel confident and excited –your students remain engaged and outcomes can be exceeded. Get the training you need when you need it from STEM experts. Everyone’s learning experience improves, allowing all to breathe easier.